Partner WOD
A: 6 Minute EMOM
Buy i: 35 Double Unders
Max Effort KB Swings 53/35

2 Minute Rest

B: 6 Minute EMOM
Buy in: 12/9 Cal Bike
Max Effort Wall Balls 20/14

2 Minute Rest

C: 6 Minute EMOM
Buy in: 100 Meter Sprint
Max Effort D-Balls (70/50)

*Partner 1 works on odd minute;
Partner 2 is resting on the ready.
Partner 2 works on even minute;
Partner 1 is resting on the ready.

Score is combined total of “Max Effort” reps

10:30 AM Bootcamp
Chelsea (with a twist)-
Chelsea EMOM for 30 minute
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats
Other minute:
5 toes to bar
10 V-ups
15 sit-ups

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