Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 5.27.2018

Happy Memorial Day Murph Eve!

I am so excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to spend the morning with you all of you. We do Murph twice a year, Memorial Day and New Year’s Day. Murph is one of those iconic workouts with so much meaning behind it. If you have not watched “Lone Survivor” or you have, watch it tonight before you come tomorrow. It will put you in the spirit of what Memorial Day is all about. It’s about remembering the fallen heroes who have laid down their lives for us.

I love Hero WODs because of just how difficult they are. They are intimidating and they push you past what you sometimes think you are able to accomplish. I love being able to commemorate these fallen heroes through doing difficult things.

Classes tomorrow are 6:30, 8, and 9:30 AM. Invite your friends and family to come and sweat with you tomorrow morning! Don’t forget to wear your Murph shirt from this year or from one of the year’s past for a group class picture.

Another thing I am really excited about is the upcoming CFTP Kid’s camps going on this summer! We will be running 3 separate kids camp, all one week in length. The first one starts June 11th. They will be daily with 3 age categories! This is my favorite change from year’s past. We are including a now older kid category so we can make sure we can challenge the older kids and provide more CrossFit-like workouts.

The age categories and times will be as follows:
10:35- 11:15 for 3-5 / 6-9 year olds
11:15-12:00 for 10-13

If you are interested in having your kids come in for the June 11th week camp, please contact Emily Adamson to get signed up!

I want to leave you with my thanks. During partner week you all invited friends to join you and I have already received a ton of messages about some of you bringing friends to tomorrow’s Murph. CrossFit The Point needs those referrals to continue to grow and I am so grateful you are willing to share your love for CrossFit and your love of our gym enough to invite them. As the July promotion month approaches, I want you all to think about individuals that you can invite to come in and change their lives and to live healthier.

I love being part of your fitness lives and being able to see you improve every day.

Coach Dan

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