Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 6.24.2018

Good Afternoon CFTP,

I want to make the official announcement… CFTP will be doing the “Salute The Point” Referral Challenge once again!

What is Salute The Point?
Salute The Point is a yearly promotion that is ran every year during the month of July. Many of you know what Salute The Point is because you came in on this promotion. This promotion is a chance for current members to introduce The Point with their friends and family with a killer deal.

Throughout the month of July your friends and family can take advantage of the Salute The Point deal. The 2018 Salute The Point deal is as follows:
$199 for 3 months unlimited membership!

What is included in this 3 month unlimited membership?

  • 4 complete foundational classes (required for all new incoming members) Most CrossFit gyms charge over $200 for this alone!
  • Unlimited access to CrossFit The Point classes (Excluding 5:30 AM; this class is full) ($405 worth)
  • Free CFTP Branded 45 Degree Water Bottle after completion of all foundational classes ($20)
  • Additional Swag and discounts for signing up for The Point after the promotion is complete!

How can current members benefit?

  • First off, you will have an excuse to share something you love with those you care about. (First rule of CrossFit is to always talk about CrossFit)
  • By sharing the daily posts from CrossFit The Point on Instagram and Facebook, you will be entered in to win killer swag packages weekly! (Details explained below.)
  • At the end of the promotion the top three people with the most referrals will win killer swag which will include free months of CrossFit and over a thousand dollars in prizes.
  • The money made during the promotion will help decide what equipment CrossFit The Point is able to purchase in our yearly fall upgrade.

Weekly Social Media Sharing Prizes!

  • Free Shoes!
  • Free Workt Knee Sleeves and/or Rogue weightlifting belt.
  • Free CFTP Water Bottle
  • Free item voted by current members

Referral Winners Packages!

This will depend on the success of Salute The Point 2018 but in the past the packages were worth:

  1. $800+ in free memberships and swag (The average winner here referred 8 new people in July!)
  2. $600+ in free memberships and swag (The average winner here referred 5 new people in July!)
  3. $400+ in free memberships and swag (The average winner here referred 3 new people in July!)

So the rules are simple.

Winning the weekly Social Media Swag

Starting July 1st CrossFit The Point will be posting daily promotion pictures on Instagram and on Facebook. All you have to do is like, comment (tag a friend here to increase your chances of winning the referral grand prize), and share to get your name entered into the weekly swag drawing. You can get your name entered up to 6 times per day! At the end of the week we will do a Facebook Live event to choose the winners!

Winning the Salute The Point Referral Grand Prize Packages

Starting now, start talking to your friends and get them set up to come in on the deal. The deal starts July 1st, that means your first opportunity to get new people into the gym starts Monday July 2nd.
For friends and family who are interested, have them contact me at and I will lead them through the rest of the process.

For each new member you bring in on this promotion, you will receive a point and the person with the most points wins the Grand Prize with 2nd and 3rd receiving the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Why does CrossFit The Point do Salute The Point?

  1. After being open a few years we realized that getting our friends and family to sign up can be a challenge and the #1 excuse they would use is the cost. Since they never tried CrossFit The Point they couldn’t see the value we bring. By running this competition and promotion we are able to knock down the #1 barrier.
  2. The bigger reason we do this is that Emily, Dave, Aubrey and myself realized that we have the best members around and since you all are so awesome, we know that you only hang out with the best people around. Therefore, we want to fill our gym with referrals of our current members!
  3. Joining CrossFit The Point is intimidating for new people. Because we are like a big family it can be intimidating for outsiders to join us. This promotion provides a chance for your friends to come in with new people and to have you there to support them and help them along the way.

I am so excited about this year’s promotion. We are doing wonderful things to help your friends feel comfortable with CrossFit and with The Point. The new revamped 4 day foundations course will help integrate them into our gym family and help them feel more comfortable.

I hope that you all, once again, trust us with your friends and share this opportunity with all of your family and friends so we can help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Coach Dan


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