Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 7.8.2018

Good afternoon CFTP,

Great Hero Week! Monday really started the week off tough but you all pushed through it. It was a blast pushing through hard workouts with you and also remembering those who sacrificed their lives to help us live the kind of lives we live.

Also, such a great first week of Salute The Point. We have added 8 new members this week and our new foundations format has been great. I am excited to see the success of those who joined us this past week and I am excited to continue to meet all of your friends you plan to bring in.

Remember, we start our foundations for newcomers on Mondays at 5:45 PM… Tell your friends to email me or message me and/or tell them to show up tomorrow to get started. We currently have a tie for first in the referrals for the month… At the end of the month the winners are going to take home a ton of swag and free months of membership!

First prize gets 3 months free, second prize gets 2 months free, and 3rd prize gets a one month membership free! On top of that they all get shoes and other swag! The total amount of prizes will equal well over a thousand dollars. To win you must get your referrals in during the month of July!

It’s also been great seeing everyone sharing and liking and commenting on our daily posts.  For each of those you get your name in the weekly drawing for shoes, knee sleeves, and CFTP Water bottle! Drawing for this week will be at 9 PM on Facebook Live! We also added a new way of adding your name that I announced earlier this week. If you post on your public feed about CrossFit The Point using the hashtag #salutethepoint (The hashtag will make it easier for me to look up) then you will get your name entered into the weekly drawing. I’m upping that challenge and for every public post on Facebook and Instagram with the #salutethepoint hashtag, you will receive 5 entries into the drawing!

What should the #salutethepoint post be about?

This can be really anything. It could be a PR you had in your phone. It could be a picture of you and your teammates after a WOD. It can be a picture of you after a race you just completed. The important thing is, I want your friends to know about your successes you are able to achieve because you CrossFit.

I am also going to pose a question or subject every week for you to address in one of these posts. This week, I want at least one of these posts to be your Why. Why do you CrossFit? Answer that question in a post accompanied by a picture and the hashtag #salutethepoint and I will add your name 5 extra times for the next drawing.

I can’t wait to read about your WHYs!

Coach Dan

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