SWOD Tabata Russian Twists (2:1) WOD 15 Minute AMRAP 5 S2O (135/95) 7 American KB Swings (53/35) 9 Front Squats (135/95) 11 Russian KB Swings (53/35) 13 Deadlifts (135/95) No METCON on Wednesdays Until January


SWOD Tempo Front Squats 3 Second descent with a 3 second hold at the bottom 5×3 First three rounds at 70% Last 2 Rounds at 80% WOD OPEN 17.1 For time: 10 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 20 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 30 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 40 dumbbell snatches Read more about 12.11.2017[…]

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 12.10.2017

Good Afternoon CFTP, Today I want to talk about the CrossFit Open. What is the CrossFit Open? Every year, CrossFit puts on the CrossFit Games. Last year it was hosted in Madison Wisconsin. Leading up to these Games, CrossFit puts on qualifiers in order to figure out who will earn a spot at The Games. Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 12.10.2017[…]


A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 after posing as a potential informant reporting on Al Qaeda. Seven new stars will be etched onto the memorial wall at the CIA where every star represents grieving friends, family and colleagues dedicated to fight Read more about 12.8.2017[…]


SWOD Overhead Squats 5×3 @ 80% WOD “Pere Noel” Individual Version 12 MINUTE AMRAP 25 Wall Balls 20/14 20 C2B Pullups 15 Toes 2 Bar 10 Snatches 135/95 SPARTAN Bike Work 10 Rounds 10 Second Sprint 20 Second Easy Pace 20 Second Sprint 30 Second Easy Pace 30 Second Sprint 1 Minute Rest


SWOD 8×1 3 Position snatch pulls Start at 60% and increase each round reaching 100% WOD 5 Rounds 10 Ring Pushups 5 Squat Cleans (Ladder) 135/95 155/105 185/125 205/135 225/155 SPARTAN 25 Minute AMRAP Row 10 Cals 10 Burpees Bike 10 Cals

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 12.3.2017

Good afternoon CFTP! First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We had well over 30 volunteers come in yesterday. We had so many, we didn’t have enough for all of them to do! I’ve been in the situation where we didn’t have enough volunteers and it makes for an exhausting day. I can firmly Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 12.3.2017[…]