Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.19.2018

Good Afternoon CFTP, I have a couple of exciting announcements and reminders to share today but I first wanted to express my feelings about my personal fitness lately. As some of you probably know, I’ve been nursing an ankle injury for quite a few months now and just recently been feeling I was on the Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.19.2018[…]

Lockdown Week 1 WOD Announcement

LOCKDOWN RULES Every Wednesday night the WOD for the week will be announced. You and your partner must complete the WOD before closing time Tuesday night. WOD Completion Requirements The WOD must be completed together with your partner. You must have a judge. Scores will be completed and recorded. I will enter all the scores Read more about Lockdown Week 1 WOD Announcement[…]

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.21.2016

Good morning CFTP, I had such an awesome time with all of you at our Fall BBQ. Missed those of you who couldn’t make it… Hopefully you can make it to our next event. Today is going to be an announcement heavy spotlight. I am super excited for the next 4 weeks. We are hosting Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.21.2016[…]

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 6.12.2016

Good Afternoon CFTP, Today I am going to go through the rules for the Clean Simple Eats CFTP Challenge (CSECFTP CHALLENGE) that starts tomorrow! I am super excited to be doing an eating challenge as a gym again. It’s been too long. I hope that you all join us as we do this. First and Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 6.12.2016[…]

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 11.8.2015

Good Morning CFTP, Another week down equals another Sunday Spotlight. What a great week of hard work put in. We’ve had a few of you join in on the fun of the CrossFit Liftoff and it’s been great to see Prs put up by those individuals. The best thing about competition, in my opinion, is Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 11.8.2015[…]